10 hair loss & thinning hair problems that scare people around the world

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Hair loss, thinning hair or baldness in men over 30 years old can happen quickly, more than 30% of Thai men surely gets them!  It’s also found that 1 of 2 Thai men face baldness problems when they reach the age of 50. To prevent it before it’s too late, BHI Clinic gathers 10 hair loss, thinning hair problems that scares people around the world to share with you.

1. Hair loss, thinning hair, genetic inheritance

More than 95% of men have hair loss problems. Hair thinning is mainly caused by “genetic” hair thinning from genes or Androgenetic Alopecia. Whomever has bald father or thin hair mother needs to observe the condition of your own hair well.  This problem is more severe in men than women. The older you get, the more noticeable. In men, the hairline on the forehead and the back of the head is often found thinning at the age of 30, while women will have hair loss in the middle of the head.

Solution – Using external medicines, oral medicines, and low-intensity lasers will help slow down hair loss. If left too long you may need to consult a specialist in hair restoration to continue treatments.

2. Baldness, the problem that men do not want to face

Hair loss and Thin hair are coverable, but Baldness is a real major problem, it is not only cause by “Genetic baldness”, but also caused by stress, anemia, abnormal sex hormones.

Baldness warning signs is notified in the shortening of the front hairline, or the left-right corner of the forehead, the forehead changes to an M-shape, the hair is thinning that the scalp is clearly visible and the area of ​​thin hair gradually expands to the sides.

Baldness from the hormone DHT in males, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is the main culprit in male baldness. The hormone DHT is found in the hair follicles of people with baldness. It is caused by a malfunction of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, which gradually makes the hair smaller until it eventually disappears from the scalp.

Solution – Hair transplant is the quickest treatment for baldness, it helps reinstate confidence and create a good image.

3. Patchy hair loss, tufts of thin hair

Some people may be unlucky if their immune system is abnormal, its destroy one’s own hair, which cause hair loss in patches (Alopecia Areata). Hairs will lose patches in more than 1-2 spots without itching or pain. Some may spread all over the head.

Solution – Generally, it can be treated with medication or injecting specific medicines. However, if the condition is severe or does not disappear within 1 year, you should see a doctor immediately.

4. Hair falling suddenly

Sudden hair loss, or Telogen Effluvium, is an abnormal hair loss of more than 100 hairs per day throughout the head. Significant hair loss on the side temples, Sudden hair loss usually occurs after sick, illness, high fever, including after major surgery, or in women after childbirth.

Solution – The use of Minoxidil medication will help grow new and stronger hair, but if hair loss continues for more than 3 months, should consult a specialist in skin and hair.

5. Allergy to chemicals from hair dye, hair coloring, perm

Hair dyes or curlers that contain ammonia may cause allergic reactions to chemicals from hair dye. The allergic reactions ranging from itching, redness, skin irritation, respiratory problems. It also causes hair damages, hair loss, and weak hair roots.

Solution – Self-observation in which chemicals you are allergic to from hair dye and stop using them.

6. White hair, gray hair

Do not worry if you have white hair, gray hair. Let’s get to know our hair has pigments that cause different colors. (Everyone has different colors) White or gray hair caused by the melanin pigment of the hair that reduced or stopped working, thus making the hair white.  Simultaneously, if you are stress, drink alcohol, smoke, it can also cause premature graying of your hair.

7. Hair loss after childbirth

Hair Loss after childbirth, is one of the problems that postpartum mothers have to face. Generally, the Hair Loss symptoms are spread all over the head until it is noticeable.  From 100 hair loss per day, increases to 400-500 hairs per day, this caused by malnutrition, especially iron and estrogen decreased rapidly, creates hormonal imbalance problems, which causes Hair Loss.

Solution – Don’t worry, after giving birth for 6-12 months, everything will be gradually back to normal state.

8. Hair pulling disease from mental disorders

Don’t think that just pulling two strands of hair will be okay. Trichotillomania, or hair pulling disorder, is a compulsive psychiatric disorder. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, at present, the exact cause of the disease is unknown. However, there are many hypotheses, such as stress, anxiety or other scalp problems. Nonetheless, the disease varies with age, for example, among teenagers, there are often psychological problems associated with it often relapsing, or in the mental disorders adults have strange behaviors such as eating their own hair.

9. Hair fall from dandruff Scalp disorders, inflammation

Normally, a person’s scalp sheds new skin cells every 28 days. If it’s on the body, it’s scurf and if it’s on the scalp is dandruff, causing itching and hair loss. Dandruff is caused by many factors such as genetics, age, diet, stress, weather conditions, eczema or allergy to substances contained in various hair and scalp care products.

10. Hair loss from medication

Often when taking pills or chemical treatment it causes hair loss, due to many medicines have side effects on the hair. Usually, the hair will grow back naturally. In severe cases, hair transplantation may be required.

Medication that causes hair loss, such as cancer drugs, chemotherapy, anticoagulants, medicines for toxic goiter, contraceptives pills, gout prevention medicines, anti-depressants, heart medicines, high blood pressure medicines.

These problems are not small, if you are encounter these issues, BHI Clinic has good technology to restore your scalp and hair back to its original state or even better!