“As I pen this review I am 9 days post surgery and my journey to this point has been long and vastly researched so allow me to share my thoughts I am caucasian Australian with light brown hair and am 60 years of age. For many men we will consider hair replacement for many reasons that are personal to each of us. My hair loss has been gradual since my twenties and I’ve forever had the taunting words of my mother as a child saying ‘you’re going to be bald like your father’ resound in my mind. Whilst her words were to become true to some extent the emotional scar as a child was profound and has for me been an Achilles heel throughout my life where I have always been self conscious of my thinning hair. I am fortunate that in my life I have achieved reasonable success so price was not nor never a consideration in choosing location or Doctor. For me it was the result and the confidence in the Doctor I was to ultimately select. I am proud to say I 100% arrived at the correct decision. I have studied and researched doctors and clinics right throughout the world for over 10 years and clearly to anyone who now embarks on the journey or hair restoration they will discover the industry has spiralled in Turkey which appears very much to have become the epicentre. I cant help but also draw the conclusion it is a money making machine and somewhat of a sausage mill approach. The successes and many failures can be researched independently however I cannot comment further as I chose a different path. That said I have personally witnessed some fairly ordinary and very obvious transplant looking results – you can spot them a mile away when you know what your looking for. If that was the expected outcome for me I would never undertake this journey and would simply put up with my typical Anglo Saxon balding scalp. Some years ago I came across Dr Kulakarn Amonpattana in Thailand, almost be chance by reading the words of one of her reviewers from New Zealand who I also engaged in dialogue with via RS and privately. Whilst the review itself was not detailed something connected within me and probably also the reason why I choose now to post in detail my experience. This doctor’s credentials and training were world class. Board certified with the American Institute of Hair restoration, an accredited plastic surgeon and although not being a promoter within the mainstream marketing of hair restoration with numerous reviews (often prompted) she soon became my first choice. By the way I have not been asked once to provide this review. I engaged in several emails and originally booked early 2020 but then Covid came along and shut borders and the world. Recently freeing myself from my normal business life I finally had the time to devote to myself so booked my three week stay in Bangkok as I wanted to heal properly before returning home. Dr Kulakarn and her assistant Dr Wunny met with me on Monday the 6th November at their BHI clinic attached to Vejthani Hospital in Bang Kapi Thailand. The hospital and clinic from the very first impression was 5 star hotel standard- immaculately clean and professional Both doctors are fluent in English and after an initial discussion re donor site harvest and density outcomes I opted for a combination FUE / FUT procedure over 2 days separated by a day of rest in between. Dr Kulakarn arranged a room for me to stay within 111 Residence within the hospital that I would totally recommend for the convenience and direct access to BHI Clinic and all hospital facilities. Whilst the rooms were basic they were clean and comfortable. From the outset the care and attention was world class and exceeded my expectations on every level. I arrived at 8.00 am on the Tuesday for the first procedure being the FUE. An entire team of 6 assistants plus the two doctors devoted themselves entirely to my procedure throughout the day which lasted over 12 hours with only a short 20 minute lunch break. I felt no pain nor had cause for any concerns. Dr Kulakarn and her team were successful in harvesting and transplanting 3640 grafts. Whilst already not totally bald and with still some hair on top I also wanted a realistic hair line of a mature aged man with normal recession at the sides but with full density all over. This goal was appreciated by both doctors as being a realistic and a highly deliverable result – albeit with the proviso of suitable donor harvest that is only fully determined in procedure. The first day was therefore decided to concentrate on the FUE transplant in the highly visible frontal areas that after procedure I could see mirrored my natural hairline of my younger self perfectly. The donor area appeared virtually unscathed and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how little post surgical trauma was evident. A section of untouched donor area was left totally intact for the following procedure of the FUT The second procedure was the FUT – move invasive with the excision of strips of tissue from the side rear areas of the scalp. Whilst I was advised this would obviously leave a scar it would be well hidden under the regrown hair. The procedure again was painless and the care throughout just outstanding. I even had assistants massaging my legs from time to time as I was head down on the table for another 12 hour plus day. The same team were completely involved in the excision, dissection of the grafts and then the two doctors performing in tandem the insertion of the grafts this time within the top and crown areas. Now 9 days post and the stitches removed I can confidently see the skill of Dr Kulakarn also from her Plastic surgery training in the fine stitch work and limited scar I will have. I stayed in the hospital accomodation another two days prior to relocating to Pathumwan Princess Hotel where DR Kulakarn has a convenient post treatment pop up clinic on the 6th floor. This hotel is downtown Bangkok right next to MBK Centre and Paragon Siam so a brilliant location to concentrate on the recovery with a little bit of 5 star luxury to enjoy. Every day I was treated to first class post operative care, very gentle washing and the process of scab removal as the healing undertook its path. Light therapy that assisted healing and also stimulates the transplanted hair growth. All of this additional care was inclusive – it was never rushed nor hurried and I felt just as important to the team each and every day I arrived. Some days I also opted for the return journey to the Vejthani Hospital Clinic location as I had connected with the amazing staff and felt like a VIP client in every contact Again if time allows I would totally recommend the longer stay particularly with a combined FUE / FUT procedure. I was able to wear a bandanna whilst out and about that may have looked a tad odd but also had some comments that it was a cool look – they may have just been being nice though 🙂 I will leave Thailand with nothing but praise and admiration for Dr Kulakarn, BHI clinic and the entire team. The Thai people in my opinion are a calm beautiful culture that shows through within the level of care I was provided at every part of my journey. Moreover I will leave with my eternal gratitude for an outstanding result of over 6000 transplanted grafts that has delivered more than I hoped for and Im sure will for me be the end of that taunting voice in my mind that created my personal conflict with baldness. Im happy to engage in meaningful dialogue should anyone wish once your decision to narrow down your choice of provider is to include Dr Kulakarn and Dr Wunny of BHI Clinic and will post later photos.”