I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana Having no intention of getting a hair transplant while on vacation in Thailand, the more I looked around and did some research, the more I liked Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana. Getting a procedure done at Maple Clinic came to look like a prudent decision. I have the feeling that the clinic and Dr. Kulakarn aren’t more evident on the radar is because she’s quite low key, in person, and in publicizing her clinic. My first inquiry via email got a quick and direct response which differed from every other place/people I tried contacting for a consultation. Some wrote back but it became apparent that brokers work as middle men in many cases and something just seemed fishy. So I made an appointment for a consultation and wasn’t charged anything. Dr. Kulakarn met me at the end of what I know had to be a long tiring day for her and her technicians. Maple Clinic is not the easiest place to get to because it’s a good hour (in decent traffic) from central Bangkok which is probably another reason they didn’t show up as frequently as much bigger clinics in the city. Dr. Kulakarn was pleasant enough and patient answering my many questions though I didn’t leave feeling that she was the one for me even though her price definitely seemed fair…I wanted to seek out more options and opinions. The problem was that is just wasn’t straight forward to make an appointment with anybody else. Admittedly my attempts weren’t so diligent and I didn’t get another consultation. So other the course of about a week, the desire to get the procedure done while still in Thailand made more and more sense. I was probably contacting Dr.Kulakarn at least once a day and she emailed back usually, if not every instance, later the same day to answer more questions. And her answers made sense as well…I felt that she was being truthful about everything I asked about. So I did some due diligence on her and on Maple Clinic and found nothing that looked in anyway like a red flag. I fact, I found her credentials to be impeccable and absolutely recommend that you see for yourself rather than list them here. I decided with clear certainty that she was the doctor for me and made an appointment for about 10 days later since an availability only a few days out (which she had mentioned during the consultation) had filled up. Another thing worth mentioning is that she wasn’t in any sort of fuss whatsoever when my money transfer got held up for administrative issues (transferring money is a hassle…cash is king in Thailand and exchange is so easy). My deposit didn’t transfer in time to hold my spot but she was casual about it, basically saying that she trusted that I would have full payment the morning of the procedure. This just reinforced that I made the right decision to go with Maple Clinic. Oh, and another thing in their favor for me was that they don’t do arrangements for hotel and transportation. I simply found a hotel nearby myself and hired a taxi which are everywhere…worked out great…the clinic emailed a map that the driver used to deliver me to the front door the 4 times that I have now gone there (consult, procedure, day-after cleaning, and stitches removal a week later). Everything about this place is pleasant and professional…and being somewhat outside of Bangkok tells me that this clinic doesn’t need to pass higher overhead onto their clients.
I’m now 6 mouths post transplant and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Kulakarn transplanted 4002 hair’s using FUT (I went in only wanting FUE but Dr. Kulakarn changed my mind in sort order for reasons that made perfect sense to me). It was a fairly long day and logistics are a bit more challenging then if in Bangkok, but the work she did is completely worth it! And for the price I paid more than worth it. It is no understatement to say that I’m completely delighted with the results so far and especially by watching my hair grow and thicken by the day.When you really get into finding out more about hair transplantation, you (as least I did) see/saw that there is a great deal to get right in the procedure for a great looking result. It is definitely an art that is like a layer above the medical expertise employed. The hairline has to be natural (this is a BIGGIE, and Dr. K. did mine brilliantly)…angle and depth of each follicular unit must be just right (my transplanted hair is growing out in a natural wave exactly like my lost hair once did…how did she do that!?)…distribution of the units with a natural density (my coverage pattern is like the alopecia is now going drastically in reverse)…and the scar (mine is as minimal as it can possibly be because of the training and technique of Dr. K.)…and there are more factors like survival rate of units, post-op care and harvesting the hair follicles along with the team of technicians working in conjunction with the surgeon, all of which are dependent on the experience and specialty of that surgeon. Fortunately for me (and for you perhaps) I found Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana and couldn’t imagine being happier with the results (and It’s only been 6 months!).