What is FISHRS

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In 2012, the designation of Fellow was established in order to recognize members who met its exceptional educational criteria.

In order to be considered, the hair restoration surgeon must achieve a
specific level of points in a system of various educational parameters such as serving in leadership positions, American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) certification, writing of scientific papers, teaching at scientific programs, among others.

It is a great honor for a member to achieve the Fellow designation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS). This recognizes
the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field. To maintain this status, the surgeon must continue to meet established educational criteria over time. Fellows Of The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS) As Of November 25, 2019

 Gholamali Abbasi, MD, FISHRS
 Ji-sup Ahn, MD,PhD, FISHRS
 Kulakarn Amonpattana, MD, FISHRS
 Konstantinos Anastassakis, MD, PhD, FISHRS
 Kenneth Anderson, MD, FISHRS
 Julieta Arambulo, MD, FISHRS
 Bernardino Arocha, MD, FISHRS
 Marc Avram, MD, FISHRS
 Marco Barusco, MD, FISHRS
 Fernando Basto, Jr. MD, FISHRS
 Alan Bauman, MD, FISHRS
 Michael Beehner, MD, FISHRS
 Robert Bernstein, MD, FISHRS
 Scott Boden, MD, FISHRS
 Pierre Bouhanna, MD, FISHRS
 Patricia Cahuzac, MD, FISHRS
 Timothy Carman, MD, FISHRS
 Glenn Charles, DO, FISHRS
 Ekrem Civas, MD, FISHRS