FUE Hair transplantation

  • Hair transplant
    ปลูกผม 头发移植 Tóufǎ yízhí

  • Hair transplant
    ปลูกผม 头发移植 Tóufǎ yízhí

  • Hair transplant
    ปลูกผม 头发移植 Tóufǎ yízhí

FUE = Follicular unit extraction or Follicular Unit excision] is a technique that is currently popular in root transplantation techniques. Due to the small size of the wound General distribution makes it look like there are no wounds And can hide the wound easily , doesn't hurt, therefore no need to cut The surgery uses
only anesthetic with a light sleeping pill. Can recover faster The wound heals quickly and doesn't hurt. Although the disadvantage is the rate of trauma of graft or hair more than the first technique But because modern tools nowadays have much less traumatic rates Able to grow more graft amounts The result is as good as FUT technique.

However, one disadvantage is that it is necessary to shave the head at the backof the neck in order to penetrate the donor hair.

Why choose FUE at BHI clinic

1. BHI team of surgeons are trained and direct hair transplanters. Everyone is trained by the International Hair Transplantation Institute. Have an American Board of hair restoration surgery or ABHRS certification

Dr. Kulakarn is also certified as a Fellow of ISHRS Nanny from the International Hair Transplantation Society. Which in Thailand has this qualification, only 4 people only . And she is also a lecturer and lecturer for several government university hospitals, including Ramathibodi Hospital, Chulalongkorn Hospital,
Mae Fah Luang University Hospital

2.The medical team attends ongoing meetings and seminars every year, organized by ISHRS or the International Hair Transplantation Society and by the WFI [World FUE institute]. Not only that, we also present our research data in various conferences. Continuous

3. Our team uses high standard root drilling tools. And the most modern technology currently used by the United States 100% self-piercing doctors, including WAW, Trivellini, Cole’s instrument

4.We use liquid culture cells. Contains ATP to help boost energy for the cells and maintain the condition Causing the hair follicles that have been
transplanted to grow at a higher rate

4. We use the "graft" counts, not the "hair" counts. Graft counts are usually twice the hair number.

5. In addition to growing the hair up well We also take care not to cause ugly scars, whether FUT or FUE techniques can handle the scars.

6. The BHI team can treat me, both Thai and foreigners. We have international experience. Therefore, all problems can be resolved.

7. In addition to the hair transplant surgery will be the main We still have other treatments. Together to give the best treatment efficiency, including medication, drops, low-power laser Intense platelet injection And providing cells to stimulate the hair follicle

8. We have affiliated companies Which can provide services in both areas of transportation Accommodation And tourism

9. We have follow up after continuous treatment And take care of free until
you get to the fullest

Non Shaven FUE

The limitation of FUE is to shave the hair at the back of the neck. Nowadays, procedures and tools have been developed that can penetrate the hair roots without shaving the hair. Also known as Non Shaven FUE Technique, which is more popular

Our clinic has been providing this technique for a long time and the good results respond to the needs of some clients who are unable to shave their hair. Or can stop work. However, drilling without shaving requires finer and more difficult operations. Therefore, it takes longer And the cost is also greater
The resulting scar may not be as beautiful as shaving.

Body Hair Transplantation

Hair root removal surgery In addition to being able to move the hair follicle from the occiput to the desired location Can also use hair from other parts of the body to replace hair that has been lost as well The most commonly used positions for replacement are the beard. If the characteristics of hair and mustache are similar, it will work better. For those other hairs Although it can be used as a replacement, the growth rate is usually not good. Body hair transplantation High skill in surgery There are not many surgeons that can do

Long Hair FUE

Long hair FUE is the up-skilled FUE technique. We do harvesting the hair graft by special device specifically for long hair. The hair shaft is secured while punching. So we can transfer the long hair graft to implanting site. Theadvantages are

1. Grafting with long hair shows instant change right after the procedure. However, the graft fall down after 2 weeks as the Telogen phase goes and then regrow again at 3-4 months’ time as regular FUE.

2. The donor site is not shaven. Recovery is soon and quick. The only threads for this technique is the after care. One week after surgery, the patients must be careful not to comb or pull the grafts out. Long hair grafts are easily pulled off.