PRP and PRF for Hair loss

Platelets Rich Plasma

    การฉีดเกร็ดเลือดเข้มข้น 自体富含血小板注射

    การฉีดเกร็ดเลือดเข้มข้น 自体富含血小板注射

Injection with PRP/PRF or concentrated platelets It is used in practice quite widely nowadays. Because the platelets induce nutrients and help heal cells well. The platelets in the body normally flow along the bloodstream. When found injured cells, will go to repair work Instead of letting the platelets work like patrols So we took some of the blood In order to separate only concentrated platelets Then injected directly into the desired position for maximum effectiveness. The use of PRP for treatment cannot be standardized. Because the method is complex in many points each clinic has different protocols. There are a variety of procedures and efficiency. If you do not pay attention to details, it may not get goodresults. Not worth the pain and time

​Advantages doing PRP at BHI Clinic

1. We pay attention to every step beginning with blood drawing .The doctor will do the withdrawal and injection by themselves. Because if you miss, The platelets will disappear with the broken blood vessels. The doctor uses a local anesthetic and injected by itself at every point.

2. We use a closed tube system because it is a closed system. The advantage is the sterilization. No other substances may increase the effectiveness of platelets. Reduce contamination from various procedures The spinning time is fast, so there is no need to add anticoagulants. The study shows to give platelets 3-5 times higher than normal spinning

3. We use more blood than other places. Because we want to get enough platelets to be injected in a wide area, most of the PRP is intended to just spray the face to nourish the skin, but we focus on the maintenance of hair roots. Requires more platelet volume specifically for hair problem.

4. We always have Scalp Derma-needle together with PRP to stimulate the hair follicles and improve PRP.

5. We have local anesthesia that allows PRP injection and Microneedle does not hurt at all.

6. We also have LED projections in the package to heal wounds and help stimulate hair follicles the other way.

7. We have reliable measurements with Folli-scopes before and after treatment. Measure the size and number of hair in the treatment area Can definitely follow upthan plain photography