The recovery stage after hair transplantation [FUT or FUE]

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Day 1-2    Immediate after surgery, the site was bright red because of some blood stain. One or two day after surgery, we usually appoint you back for cleaning.  The donor site may be a little sore when we wash. The recipient site is almost always no pain. There are some clotted blood to remove. The washing should be gentle to avoid graft dislodge. For FUT, the pain is to the recipient site that you may need some pain pills to comfort it. We recommend mile or organic shampoo for the first week. Please avoid aggressive or harsh wash in this stage. [First 3 days]

Day 3-7      The clot turn to be darker shade and you will see the hair grow 1-2 mm. If the first 1-4 days, you have not cleared it when washing, it can turn thicker and harder. The thick scabs can be difficult to remove now. You can use olive oil, soak over the recipient area for 5-10 minutes, and then wash with shampoo. You can start to gently rub from day 3 but cautiously. The olive oil will help soften the scabs and easy to wash out. You can use olive oil every time before the wash until all the scabs disappear. For FUT, we need to remove the stitches at 5-6 days.

Day 7-14   You will start to see some scabs and hair shedding. The hair grow a little more 2-4 mm and then shed. ‘DO NOT PANIC!!” This is normal process. The follicles turn to dormant stage and will grow no hair for the
next 2-3 months. Once you see the shedding, then it means the roots survive and continue the next chapter of life. There can be some existing hair falls down too because of the stress of surgery. All the hair that fall at this stage will grow back again in the same manner as transplanted hair.

Day 15-30  You probably start to feel some itchy, along the donor and recipient site. For FUE, you may experience pinprick sensation at the donor area at night or annoy tingling when touch. This is recovery nerve pain. The way to comfort is cold compression. Please report to the doctor if you need some more advice. The pain is usually self-limiting in 2-4 weeks. The recipient site turn to be like orange peel [bumpy and shiny]. All the transplanted hair shed to empty and see no hair there.” DO NOT PANIC!!” This is normal finding at this stage and you will wait until the next stage for hair regrow at 4-5 months after. For FUT, you may experience some shock loss at the donor area. It can be empty patch along the cut. The hair resume its growth as same as the transplanted site.

1 st Month All the transplanted hair shed and you will see no hair there. The skin maybe like orange peel [Bumpy, shiny, pink] There maybe the tough sensation over the area. This is the lymphatic congestion which will relief soon once the hair start to grow. You may witness some break outs. The pimples may occur both recipient and donor site. You can use topical antibiotic [as same in acne] to resolve the pimples. There may be some remnants of hair that still not shed, they usually stick to the pores, and you can rub them a little harder to remove them all.

2 nd-3rd Month There is nothing grow at the recipient. Do not expect to see any change. Most people get upset because the wrong expectation has been flaring out in the internet. This misconduct the people to expect the result at 3-4 months. In fact, you will see nothing. The usual cycle is 3-4 months for the follicles to regrow. If you still need to relief your anxiety, make a contact back to us. But there will be nothing to do but wait.

4 th -5 th Month You will start to see the tiny hairs upcoming. They are just baby hair and please keep it to yourself that this is only 10-20% of what you should expect. We have many clients report back about poor growth at this stage and feel upset. In fact, this is not the highest result that you should see. The full result should be 12-18 months. But if you still need some relief, you can contact back to us. Somehow, there is nothing to do but wait.You may experience some break outs again at this stage. The treatment is as same as acne. You can apply the topical acne lotion until the pimples all clear. It usually takes 1-2 months and once the full growth is seen, all the
pimples are cleared.

6 th – 12 th Month The transplanted hair grow thicker and dense. The hair keep on growing with times. There may be some more change even at 18 months. The first set of hair may be a little wavy than your natural hair. But it will be soon adjusted to natural character in 1-2 years.