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BHI Clinic stands for the best hair innovation technology to help the patients who suffer the hair loss.

We have been in the business for more than 10 years. Dr. Kulakarn has encountered more than 2000 cases of the hair loss patients from all over the world and she is one of the most reputable hair surgeons in Thailand. Our doctors are board certified in hair restoration surgery. Our team is keen in both FUT and FUE techniques as well as the other modalities of treatments in hair loss. We stay up to date to the technologies to restore your confidence. Our clinic is not in the center of the city buteasy to access and we also have the transportation service to the clients as requested.


Our surgeons are qualified ABHRS [ American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery] and FISHRS [Fellow of ISHRS] The qualifications are guarantee not only to provide the desirable outcome but practice in ethics with continuous academic evolution.

The stock solution is William E.that can preserve the graft better than normal saline. We also provide ATP as additional solution in mega session or high number of grafts.

Dr. Kulakarn,our ABHRS and FISHRS, is in the business for more than 10 years and see many cases with variety problems.She is able to do eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, scars corrections from burn wounds/FUT/FUE, body hair harvesting, SMP, etc, all filed corresponding in hair transplantation. She is doing variety of cases from all ethnics, Caucasian/Asian/Africans. She has the background of plastic surgery, so she is well concern and do the safe surgery for the patients.

Apart from surgeon's and the team's experiences, we use the most up to date devices in the procedure. We use Dr.Cole's machine and WAW developed from Dr.Jean DevRoy, alternate with MAMBA NANO developed by Dr.Trivellini.

We count the actual number; we never play tricks to the customer with the number of hair instead of graft.One graft contains 1-3 hairs. [ Average is 2 hairs per graft].

We have available treatments apart from surgery to augment the yield, for examples; PRP or platelets riches plasma, Cell Therapy [ stem cell], LLLT [Low level LASER therapy], medicine, supplements and everything about hair.  PRP we use Arthrex system from the US. Cell Therapy with autologous cultivated mesenchymal cells. LLLT is Lutronic. [You can check all the products in google]

Our team are capable in both manual insertion and implanters. We use “OKT” and “Rainbow” which are the best ones in the market. The implanters have better advantage in securing the graft while insertion, somehow, manual insertion is better for stick and place method. So we do both techniques.

We concern both the result on the top and the scar at the back, therefore, we don’t harvest excessive amount of hairs for cheap price with low quality.

We have partners company to help arrange your travel and accommodation with low cost. For examples:Limousine service [ GB www.ground-business.com]