“Really make you feel like you are a VIP guest I was travelling to Thailand and wanted to do my eyebrow transplant. I found this clinic after doing lot of research. The clinic was located in a super clean modern building on the second floor. From the moment I walked in, I knew that I was in the right place. All the staff were so open and welcoming.
I had pre booked my appointment for a consultation with Dr Kaulakarn which was so informative and was very convincing. She was also very open to discussing all my questions and really understood my concerns of my eyebrow shapes that I wanted.

Throughout the surgery they were so careful and concerned if I had any pain with needles etc. Yes, the numbing needles at times were stinging a little bit, but that was fine with me.
The actual hair grafting was absolutely no pain at all and in few hours I had brand new thick eyebrows. I couldn’t believe it! So, if you want eyebrows done then look no further, this is the place in Thailand. This clinic is good as any good clinic you’ll find in the west. But in term of cleanliness, service, and professionalism, I’d say this is top of the line and no one can do better.

One last thing I’d like to add here is I went back to the Clinic to do follow up treatments and their level of respect and how nicely they’ll service you time and time again, it’s absolutely priceless. They really make you feel like you are a VIP guest.

So, thanks to all the Doctors and the staff at the BHI Clinic at Ladparo. You all are awesome team!”