My treatment was very professional, the staff were so pleasant and accomodating to me in so many ways. The lead surgeon went out of her way to show me through all the steps even while I was in a sedated state through out the surgery. Just a well organised team, if only things worked this well in the western world.

Again I cannot speak highly enough off the lady surgeon (Kulakarn).
She took the time the day before the surgery to talk over the many different questions and type of results I was looking for. After a lot of chatting and information sharing (as I have had a previous procedure at another BANGKOK clinic) we both settled with a plan for the surgery the following day. Her English is great, so the communication was very clear.
Her junior staff took good care of me, drove me to my accomodation, booked me in for the night. Picked me up the following day, it was a very long day in surgery, she took her time and did a fantastic job with it being such a long procedure.
For any westerner looking to have a hair transplant procedure in Bangkok, “Maple Clinic” is the place to go, extreamly well priced and GREAT service and care all round!
My local doctor in my country removed the stitches from my head a week later and commented on how great of a job the donor area was stitched up.