Dr. Kulakarn is one of the finest hair transplant doctors currently working in Thailand. She has accolades from the United States and I’m sure, many satisfied customers.

As a female, as do all women, I believe she instinctively knows about hair and its growth. I think men seem to forget and as they start to lose hair and either shave their heads or comb over. Just notice how much time any woman you may know spends on time and money with their hair appearance.

Dr. Kulakarn has got something special. Years of experience, and ‘the touch’. She has repositioned my beard hair under my chin mixing it with donor hair from the sides, after 4 than satisfactory transplants by(sorry) male doctors prior. I am very happy with the results and I will go back for another procedure. I am also happy to say that I have very minimal scarring under my chin which is slowly disappearing.

Her fees are not exorbitant and you will be very well looked after by her staff in her state of the art premises.

It’s your choice, but if I were you, look no further.