Excellent Care by Dr. Amonpattana and Her Team My experience with Dr. Amonpattana was exceptional. Being a registered nurse as well as an overall meticulous person, I spent quite a bit of time researching the options available in Thailand. Though it is certainly not Turkey, Thailand does offer plenty enough options to get confused. After 6 in person doctor consultations and weeks of obsessive research, I was able to zero in on Dr. Amonpattana. She has many years of experience, has trained and worked with the best, and is quite well published. Yet what really closed the deal for me was her honesty and attentiveness as a physician. She spent a good hour or more with me in my consultation and took the time to answer and explain things in the kind of detail that I appreciate. Better yet, she is honest and lets you know what you can truly expect in the process of hair transplantation. She answered quite a litany of questions with great patience and even let me examine the operating room to put my meticulous medical mind at ease. I still had quite a few questions several weeks later, so I sent her an epically long email. She took the time to read it and answered all of my questions without any attitude. I was impressed, as I can imagine the sheer length of my email was overwhelming.
When it came down to the actual procedure I was even further impressed. Both Dr. Amonpattana and her team were extraordinarily skilled, kind and attentive. They went out of their way to make me comfortable and always explained what they were doing. Though it is early days as far as results are concerned, I am very pleased with the process so far. The hairline she designed is fantastic and everything is progressing in accordance with how she explained it would. I highly recommend Dr. Amonpattana, both for her skill and accomplishment as a physician as well as her personality and “bedside” manner.